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 CSSRP Webinar: Mixed Methods: A “Bayesian” Approach – Dec. 13, 2023

The University of Manitoba Centre for Social Science Research and Policy will be offering a free, online workshop on Dec. 13th, 2023 from 8am to 11am MST. More information below:

What does it mean to say one is using mixed methods? Under what conditions can mixed methods lead research astray? And most importantly, how does one synthesize/integrate evidence from multiple methods to construct a valid and reliable representation of social/economic reality?

This seminar presents a view of mixed methods as a process of progressive insight using an expanding knowledge base and recursion. The key idea is that all researchers start from an initial idea. Constructing a mixed methods research design supports the revision of earlier ideas based on an ever-stronger knowledge base. In this view, mixed methods comprise a Bayesian approach to truth-seeking.

We will review each of the main data collection techniques that comprise a typical mixed methods study (interviews, document reviews, focus groups, standardized questionnaires, and statistical analysis of administrative data). Using case studies drawn from research and evaluations over the past 30 years, I will illustrate several models of mixed methods to support idea revision and to create a coherent “story.”.

The seminar is intended to benefit undergraduate and graduate students in the social sciences as well as possibly offer a refresher for more experienced researchers. Familiarity with the elements of qualitative and quantitative methods will allow participants to benefit from the material.

About the Presenter:

Gregory Mason is an economist who has managed dozens of social research projects and program evaluations. Past projects have included questionnaires designed for the evaluation of the National Child Benefit, Labour Market Development Agreements, health evaluations, and market research studies. This seminar will use case studies of evaluations and market research from the last 30 years to demonstrate mixed methods in action.

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