Strategy Development Management and Evaluation (Strategic Planning)


The purpose of this training is to build capacity in strategic planning (i.e. development and management) and evaluation to achieve AVA’s objective of transforming population (community) health and social services risk/affected by violence and adversity over the life cycle.


All current team members have been invited to participate in training, part of AVA’s Strategy Development, Management and Evaluation Program, led by Collaborator, Bill Barberg from InsightFormation and Nominated Principal Applicant, Nicole Letourneau.

The evaluation training will support:

  1. co-creation of the strategy map—the roadmap of AVA’s strategic plan, and
  2. effective management and evaluation AVA’s attainment of its objective.

More specifically, developmental evaluation involves co-creation of project milestones (i.e. strategic activities) at project outset and ongoing assessment of milestone achievement, rather than more traditional retrospective assessment.

Learn how to identify obstacles to milestone achievement and employ real-time, innovative, web-based strategic management tools to make changes to help ensure achievement of AVA’s training objective. Taken together, this AVA program offers trainees the opportunity to learn world-class approaches to develop, manage and evaluate strategic plans for successful community-based research that focuses on policy and service improvements to transform systems affecting girls and women’s health and wellness. It will also enable the AVA team to: (a) come to common agreement on milestones to achieve AVA’s objective and (b) utilize a system to manage and evaluate AVA’s effectiveness in executing strategies and achieving its objective over time.

All team members (trainees, ECRs, academic and community collaborators/mentors, and knowledge users) will meet via Zoom videoconferencing at least three times over the first six months to fine-tune the strategy map (figure above) and learn about/undertake strategy development that involves finalizing and organizing milestones/strategic activities. After the initial strategy development, additional Zoom videoconferencing will permit the team to learn about strategic management and tracking, necessary to evaluate achievement of milestones over time.

All sessions will be recorded and available to view on YouTube via unlisted video links (if you are logged in, please see below for the links).

AVA Strategy Map

Past Workshops & Strategy Maps

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