Implementation Science Training


The purpose of this training is to build capacity for innovative and collaborative Implementation Science research in community settings, necessary to transform population (community) health and social services focused on girls and women at risk/affected by violence and adversity.


Implementation science seeks to systematically close the gap between what we know and what we do (often referred to as the know-do gap1) by identifying and addressing the barriers that slow or halt the uptake of proven health interventions and evidence-based practices.

Implementation Science is woven into many of the program offerings. For example, the AVA Online curriculum offers required core Methods courses, including:

  1. Implementation Science,
  2. Community-Based Research Applications to Girls and Women’s Health,
  3. Integrated Knowledge Translation/Co- Production and
  4. Engaging with Academic and Community Partners, which are all on RISE.

Triadic Mentorship sessions and Community Agency Internships will focus on building trainees’ capacity for Implementation Science and applying concepts.