Triadic Mentorship Program


The purpose of this AVA program is to supplement/enhance scholar’s (i.e. graduate student or post-doctoral fellow), existing educational program preparation with AVA’s world-class, innovative focus on training to transform population (community) health and social services, specifically to improve the health of girls, women, and gender-diverse people exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and violence.

The Triadic Mentorship program is a mentoring program between a scholar, an AVA community mentor (i.e. community partner agency leader), and an AVA academic mentor (i.e. graduate supervisor). This program will be the foundation for all recruited high-quality AVA scholars. The mentorship program will include an individualized development plan established collaboratively with the scholar and their mentors, and monthly mentorship sessions (or more often as needed). The mentorship will also work alongside/utilize the AVA curriculum on AVA’s Learning Management System (LMS), Raising Interdisciplinary Scientist Excellence (RISE), to provide educational opportunities to ensure attainment of the scholar’s individualized learning goals.

This program is intended to take place alongside the AVA Online Program.

Being a Scholar in the Triadic Mentorship

Being a scholar in this program, you will be guided through a range of AVA Training Platform opportunities and options.
Eligibility to be a Scholar in the AVA’s Triadic Mentorship Program is based on:
  • EDIA considerations;
  • Qualifications and excellence (e.g. grades, awards, community volunteerism);
  • Alignment of their research and career goals/interests with girls’, women’s, and gender-diverse people’s health and wellness, and AVA’s objective (see Guiding Principles above;
  • and Status as a full-time graduate student or post-doctoral fellow.

Being a Mentor in the Triadic Mentorship (Community Partner and Academic)

Mentors hail from AVA’s network of academics and community agency collaborators/partners from across Canada. The purpose of the mentorship is to guide the scholar through a range of AVA Training Platform opportunities and options.

Selected high-quality trainees will meet with their mentors monthly (at the very least) for approximately eighteen months to guide them through the range of AVA Training Platform opportunities and options. Initial mentorship sessions with high-quality trainees will involve orientation to the AVA Training Platform and individualized development planning and research career goal setting (for academic and non-academic settings) with their mentors. Subsequent sessions involve identifying training opportunities in the various programs such as AVA Online and Community Agency Internship.

Trainees and mentors will also take part in the Strategy Development, Management and Evaluation Training and Implementation Science Training Programs.

Monetary compensation for Community Partner Mentors’ Agencies

Community mentors’ agencies will be provided monetary compensation to enable participation by offsetting various costs, e.g. agency reimbursement for community mentors’ absence from regular work. Please refer to the Community Partner Funding document package for more details about this compensation.

Guidelines for Triadic Mentorship Program

Triadic Mentorship & Internship Working Group

  • Develop the application, competition & adjudication process
  • Develop the process for matching mentors and mentees
  • Develop learning plan and research career goal template

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