Propose an AVA Online Course

1. Become an AVA Team Member

To propose an AVA Online course, you must first be an AVA Team Member.

2. Complete an AVA Course Proposal Form on the AVA Website

To propose an AVA Course, submit an AVA Course Proposal through the AVA Website.

Please read more about course proposals by scrolling down below.

3. Course Content Review

Once a course content form is submitted, it will be reviewed by the AVA Online Working Group. The AVA Online Working Group will review the course content form and find ways to facilitate the course’s inclusion in AVA Online. The course leader may receive feedback to help ensure the course addresses AVA’s objectives and/or guiding principles.

4. Develop and Submit the Course Materials

Information on formatting and submission process for course materials is detailed below. Once course materials are submitted, they will be reviewed by the AVA Online Working Group and then posted to RISE. An authorship credit or citation will be generated for each course, which will be posted on RISE and can be included on the contributor’s resume or CV.

Why contribute to AVA Online?

Data Analytics on Uptake/Engagement for your Course

Expose your course nationwide to our many partners and scholars across Canada. Learn more about who and how many scholars are taking your course and receive feedback.

Authorship on a National Platform

Contributors will receive authorship on a national platform.

Learn more about the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) here and their commitment to excellent research by recognizing the need to improve the ways in which researchers and the outputs of scholarly research are evaluated.


In line with AVA’s objectives and guiding principles, collaboration in course content creation is encouraged, particularly between community practitioners and scholars/mentors/academics.

Have a course idea you want to submit?

Does content for your idea already exists?

Courses can also consist of previously developed learning content, including micro-credential(s) or certificate training by community agencies or content produced for other activities (e.g., other webinars, talks, etc.). 

For existing materials to be incorporated into AVA Online, the following additional conditions need to be met:

Course content needs to have enough content to engage learners for a minimum of one hour. Course content includes and but not limited to:

  • Video(s)
  • Readings
  • Quizzes

Proof of completion:

For externally hosted content, participating in the course, micro-credential or program needs to produce some proof of completion, such as a certificate, a transcript indicating that all modules were passed, or that a final evaluation was completed and passed. If the content can be directly incorporated into AVA Online (e.g., a recorded lecture or workshop), an automated evaluation (e.g., quiz) as proof of completion is needed

Content doesn't exist for my idea!

New courses should be different from content already available through AVA Online, but can be designed to complement or expand on existing content.

To see if your idea can be designed to complement or expand on our existing content, please check out our AVA Online Course Catalogue for all courses being offered currently using the link below.

Questions or Need Help with Developing a Course idea?

If you have an idea for an AVA Online course but need to find a collaborator, require additional support, or have questions about AVA Online courses and the course development process, please contact us!

Additionally, you may also choose to present your content as part of our AVA webinars, and turn it into an AVA Online Course! We can help you with this, contact us!

Ready to Submit your Idea?

Make sure to have the following information before you submit your idea: