AASAS Announces Co-CEOs will Lead Organization

The Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce the appointment of Corinne Ofstie and Haley Scott as co-CEOs.

The co-CEO model encourages the sharing of leadership to create stronger outcomes. The strengths of co-CEOs are many, but a central strength is that it brings together contrasting yet complementary styles and skillsets that can provide for a more holistic vision and broader capacity. The co-CEO model will bolster the Association’s commitment to teamwork, collaboration, and relationship and staff capacity building.

As of September 1st, 2023, Corinne Ofstie and Haley Scott will be transitioned from their Director positions to CEO of Strategic Initiatives and CEO of Operations. Both Corinne and Haley have a solid understanding of the work of AASAS, and they bring a wealth of experience and diverse skills and abilities to their new roles. The Board and current CEO, Deb Tomlinson are confident that their leadership will continue to enhance AASAS as we move into the future.

Corinne Ofstie

As a registered social worker with experience working with community, system and government organizations in both sexual and domestic violence sectors, Corinne’s specialization is cross-sector collaboration, project management and community development. 

Keeping survivors and the people who love them at the forefront of her mind, Corinne is humbled to grow into this co-leadership model with her colleague, Haley Scott, with the support of the AASAS Members, Board of Directors and the exceptional AASAS team.

Naturally skilled in relationship building and stakeholder engagement, Corinne’s role as co-CEO will be to lead provincial and national partnerships, strategic initiatives, as well as communications. After having served the AASAS Network for ten years, Corinne has developed a deep appreciation for sexual violence trauma specific services and prevention efforts.  

Corinne is deeply committed to collaboration, consultation and centring relationships with communities to end sexual violence. Over her years at AASAS Corinne has led a variety of strategic projects including:

  • Overseeing the Healthier and Safer Alberta Workplaces initiative which is a provincial prevention and awareness campaign and online education program
  • Leading the growth, development and evaluation of a provincial training program, First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training
  • Coordinating and mobilizing provincial sexual assault service data collection and outcome measurement initiatives
  • Co-Chairing the provincial sub-committee, the Collaborative Justice Response to Sexual Violence Committee
  • Being a member of the Gender Equality Network of Canada from 2017 to 2020.

In 2018 Corinne was awarded Avenue Magazine’s #Top40Under40.
Today, Corinne is a member of the Rebuilding Lives Committee for the Canadian Women’s Foundation; she is an Expert Advisory Panel member for the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability; and she is an Advisory Committee Member for the Ending Violence Association of Canada’s Gender Based Violence Workforce Wellness Initiative.

Haley Scott

Drawing upon a depth of experience in the sexual violence sector, Haley has a profound understanding of the impact that sexual violence and trauma specific services and supports have on individuals, families, and communities. She is honoured to foster collaboration among the sexual assault services in Alberta and to act as an advocate for those impacted by sexual violence.
Haley is excited to be embarking on this shared leadership journey with her long-time colleague Corinne. Together they will implement the vision, mission and overall strategic direction of the organization. As co-CEO, Haley leads the operational, financial, and human resource management aspects of the organization and is also responsible for Board and member relations.

Haley is wholeheartedly invested in nurturing the organizations most valuable asset – its people – by providing them with the leadership, mentorship, and development opportunities they need to serve our members well. Described as a thoughtful, collaborative, and compassionate leader, Haley strives to build and maintain a welcoming, inclusive, and inspirational workplace where team members bring their authentic selves and are supported to be exceptional.

Haley’s motivation stems from a passion for social justice and her unwavering belief that change, however challenging it might be, can happen by engaging in meaningful community-based dialog and leveraging those insights to inform public policy and systems change.  Her ultimate vision is to stem sexual violence through primary prevention – a formidable goal worth pursuing.

While she measures success largely through the advances made by AASAS and the impact of our member organizations, Haley is proud of the professional recognition she has received including:

  • Spirit of Gold awards: Diversity and Together We Can (United Way of Calgary)
  • Tulip Award for Community Partnership (Fear is Not Love)
  • Speak Out – Right to Home Award (Disability Action Hall)

Throughout her time with AASAS, Haley’s impact is far reaching and includes various notable initiatives to advance access to sexual violence services, such as: 

  • Developing and implementing Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence
  • Establishing the Rural Response to Sexual Violence Community of Practice
  • Initiating the community engagement activities which led to the expansion of the AASAS network
  • Collaborating with the AASAS network and team to successfully advocate for increased resources to the sector 
  • Leading the development and implementation of an Equity Action Plan for the organization
  • Partnering with the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association and the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters to improve access to supports for Indigenous women experiencing violence 

Haley is a Registered Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree in Leadership from the University of Calgary.

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