Past Events

You’re invited to our Resilience Masterclass! Presented by Palix Foundation’s Nancy Mannix!

AVA Training Platform and Alberta Family Wellness Initiative is hosting a FREE Online Masterclass on Resilience, presented by Palix Foundation’s Nancy Mannix on June 7th 9:30am-12:00pm (MST). Spots are limited, so use the button link below the masterclass description to reserve your spot, even if you can only attend part of the class!

Date: June 7, 2023

Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm MST

Location: Online Zoom meeting

Resilience is the ability to adapt and remain healthy in the face of adversity and can be strengthened or weakened over time in response to our experiences. The Resilience Scale tool developed by the Palix Foundation (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative) helps to illustrate how three factors interact to determine resilience: adversity, positive supports, and acquired skills and abilities. The Resilience Scale aligns perfectly with the Harvard Centre on the Developing Child’s Frontiers of Innovation template for coding interventions according to their context and primary design principles; interventions occur in various settings (e.g., medical clinic, childcare setting, community setting) and are designed to target specific components of resilience by reducing adversity, adding positive supports, or improving skills and abilities.

The Masterclass will consist of 3 main components:

Part 1: What do individuals need?

  • Introduce the Resilience Scale as a tool to assess resilience and monitor change over time in an individual
  • Explore the utility of the Resilience Scale to help individuals identify their needs and the types of services they require to strengthen their resilience

Part 2: What do organizations do?

  • Introduce the Frontiers of Innovation template as a tool for organizations to code their programs and interventions
  • Explore how the template can facilitate a referral network by fostering a common language and approach to thinking about interventions
  • Discuss learnings from the quality improvement pilot to implement this strategy in a sample of organizations

Part 3: What does the system have?

  • Explore systems-level resilience by identifying organizations that primarily target red boxes (i.e., reduce adversity) and those that primarily target green boxes (i.e., add positive supports) using data from the Brain Story Certification Course enrollment for Calgary and area