Family Violence Prevention Month

November is Family Violence Prevention Month (FVPM) in Alberta. FVPM aims to bring awareness to the warning signs and implications of family violence for children, adults and communities. Family violence is preventable. With Alberta having the third highest self-reported spousal abuse rate among the Canadian provinces, it is important for Albertans to know that there are a number of supports and resources available for those impacted by family violence.  

If someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911  

The Family Violence Info line is 310-1818. This is a toll-free info line available to Albertans in over 170 languages. 

A list of supports and resources including helplines, a 24-hour anonymous online chat line, supports for Indigenous families, sexual assault support services and more is available here: 

Information on emergency shelters for women, families and seniors in Alberta, can be found here: 

Albertans can show their support during the month of November by using the hashtags #GoPurpleAB and #WhereToTurn

Actions we can all do to help prevent and eliminate Family Violence:

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